HBCUforce Welcomes New Program Coordinator: Marciana Davis!

HBCUforce has a new Program Coordinator! (cue screams!!)

The Program Coordinator is a vital role in the organization. They are responsible for assisting in the recruitment of schools, students, coordinating activities, and much more.

Filling this role was no small feat. We interviewed several candidates before finding the amazing Marciana Davis.

Marciana is a 5-time certified Salesforce Consultant with a heart of gold! You may have seen her at DreamTX 2020 where she was awarded a coveted Golden Hoodie for her grit and amazing accomplishments.

Read more about her here and here!

With her incredible skills in building systems and processes, she is determined to assist in making HBCUforce an efficient organization that will empower students to achieve their goals and increase our outreach to even more students!

As our program coordinator, Marciana will also recruit volunteers and companies to host events for our students.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, providing internship/employment opportunities, or volunteering, schedule an appointment with Marciana here.

I'm so honored to have Marciana as our very first staff member and we are excited about what we will be able to accomplish this upcoming school year!

Everyone please join us and give her a warm welcome and follow her on Twitter at @traveling_dev or on LinkedIn!



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